Giomar M.

Giomar Muñoz, was born in Cañar -Ecuador, in his 24 years he is part of international record labels. Since 2013 he has been based in Cuenca acting as an underground DJ,sharing the scene with valuable artists from the country. He also experiences,collaborates and performs his musical projects as a DJ, mixer and producer of the genres Deep House,Nu Disco, Micro House and Ethereal Techno,coming to sign contracts with international record companies that have been interested in his music.
Every day the sounds nourish and influence my life, also all the time I share with people who make art, especially music. My intentions with this is to merge several styles, exploring the
strange sounds. I feel that there are sounds that want to tell stories through this art I liked music all my life, dark styles are my passion, I also identify myself playing well with atmospheres and environments, I am attracted to Latin American percussion because it is the greatest natural expression in terms of sounds. What I want to capture are the details of where I come from, such as the Ecuadorian highlands, there is always some surprise in my projects, besides I am sure of what I am trying to do and one of the focus is to be pure in my musical genre.At the time of playing my sets, I have many sensations such as respect for the public, I focus on what I do, I define myself as a perfectionist when acting on stage, I have shared a booth with local and international DJs.I have played on radios, festivals, Showcase, Sun Set´s, although I do not deny that I like to play at night and the early morning for me is the
magic hour, but in the end it doesn't matter what time I would have been playing all my life anytime.In addition to future releases and projects with his songs he has come to get support at some festivals such as Uriah Persie, Legit Trip, N Telekia, Lucas Rotela, Jorge Cay, Mike.D, Minube, Andrey Djokonda and among others. In addition to getting great contact and friendship,
we can mediate so that some of these artists from this line approach our country.