Release Name : Secrets EP
Release Artist : DJ Spin, Minitronik, Matke
Release Genre : Minimal Deep Tech
Release Catalog : SJRS0186
Release Date : 30.03.2020

Secrets EP comes from passion and love for the electronic music and the collaboration between DJ Spin and Minitronik,Matke all of them with a solid experience on the electronic music scene.DJ Spin started producing music back in 2007.His music slogan is "Go DEEP, take a chance... Don’t sleep!" As for Minitronik and Matke that is actually one person representing him self under those two separated aliases since 2010 and produces different genres of electronic music like Experimental,Minimal,DeepTech,Techno .He is also an owner of Happy Days Records and HDR Limit.
Two tracker of EP that very well deserves its place into any experienced underground artist music collection.Quality electronic music.

Distributed By Label-Worx