Thomas E



Preferred Genres : Tech House ,Techno,Deep Tech



Hailing from Finland, Thomas E is a young rapidly-rising talent. Specialized on Techno & House music. He started DJing at the age of 16, shortly after that he started to get gigs at the best clubs in Helsinki, Finland. For a year he spent just playing records, then he became inspired on producing. In 2015 he started to awake labels interests, and since then he has released on labels such as Happy Records, Egothermia, Patent Skillz, Rabies Records, Renesanz, Beat Therapy etc. He has a strong driving sound in Techno and jackin’ house sound with some old school vibes. Thomas E, rising Finnish talent has everything ahead of him, 2016 will be the year for him and his productions. Keep on track because the best ones is yet to come.Novaday is co owner of Joiku Musik in collaboration with Concha .



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