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Daniel Iliev with alias Daniel De Roma born 1979 In Bulgaria


Having spent teenage years admiring artists like Marusha,Paul Van Dyk,Westbam and more
Since this early ages he got captured by electronic music and still remember Love parade Berlin 1998 watching it on Viva tv,recording video tapes with all artists from it as well the music guide that was Euro Top 20 on Mtv and Party Zone in 90s.


2003 Daniel gives a start of his dj career, having the residency in a local town club.
He spend few contracts from 2007 to 2011 on cruise ships as sound and light technician and dj where his previous experience help him do great. That period helped him gain confidence and opens him up to the world meeting people from different countries.


At age of 30 in 2009 keen to merge on next level with making own music productions he start learning different programs like reason and Cubase before making permanent switch to Ableton.


2012 after few years well spend on cruise ships comes first trip to Mexico.There he meet many good artists from local scene with whom he is still to date very well connected. His fluent spanish helps him a lot.He has few great gigs in clubs like Sudaka,Madero red and private parties with Deleit.Daniel spends 9 months in Mexico residing in Mexico City.


In 2013 coming back from Mexico to Bulgaria Daniel put all passion,knowledge and resources to dedicate his life full without considering day job to music production career and also opens an record label.


His label Secret Jams records to 2022 have released 110 artists from all around world. Artists like Legit Trip,Evren Ulusoy,Luis Bravo,Human By Nature and more. The label is orientated to bring forward thinking electronic music, that underground sound for the future generation! Secret Jams is aiming to deliver quality dancefloor gems and follow strict sub-genre politics.


Daniel produce music and release under alias of Daniel De Roma since 2014


His music during years vary in styles starting from mild and sentimental deep house to more groovy minimal deep tech house. Mainly he love to produce peak hour tracks, like for the most crowded hour of the club night.Always searching for the perfect groove into my music ,the hypnotic, excellent groove that catches you like in a trap. For the last 4 years he manages to get into certain niche and be confident and have idea how he likes to sound and to what sound his alias to be associated. Since 2018 Daniel started to reach a lot of fans on international level and support from very known on global level artists because of his music productions and his own record label reputation growth.


He is happy to make friendships with great artists such as Evren Ulusoy from Turkey and Luis Bravo from Portugal,Francisco Ruiz Tagle from Chile and to collab with them on music.


Daniel is supported by some significant artists such as Joseph Capriati,Marco Carola,Richie Hawtin,Stefano Noferini,Nox, Artslaves,Chasing Kurt, Magillian ,Analog Trip,Sabo(Sol Selectas),Pablo Bolivar,Carlos A,Lorenzo Al Dino,Michel De Hey,Neverdogs and more.


Daniel have his music signed with labels like Vandalism Musique (Ibiza),Fuse Records (Portugal), Hatching Creatures (Miami,USA),Borderline Black (Mexico),Kootz Music (Uruguay),Conceptual (Moldova), Seven Villas (Spain),Kommunity  (Turkey),Piston Recordings (Portugal),Ole Records (Romania), Laguna Records (Brasil),Beachside Records (Peru),Platform 7even (UK), Colour In Music (Portugal),Musica Gourmet (Portugal),Superordinate Dub Waves (UK),Frucht (Berlin,DE),Haliaeetus Music sub label of No Preset recs. by Chilean Carlos A and more.


Daniel have shared dj booth with names like Bushwacka,Miguel Campbell,Rich NXT,Stefano Di Miceli,G-Pal,Pirupa,Tripio X and more during his carrer.


Daniel have played recently on Beats For Love festival in Czech Republic alongside artists like ATFC,David Penn,Weiss (UK),Illyus&Barrientos UK .
Since 2020 Daniel have played in few private parties in Bucharest, Berlin and Milano.


Daniel have also the support of local Mexican electronic music scene from artists like Human By Nature,Vazik,Neftali Blasko,Andy Peimbert,N-Telekia,Fhaken,Barbara Alvarez,Deleit and more.


Now for his second trip to Mexico in 2022 coming after 10 years later than his first visit he is no more associated as only dj as his previous trip,having the reputation of successful label owner and nova days established electronic music producer gaining more and more support and recognition from more artists globally and of one of most renowned digital stores such as beatport.


Links to Daniel's latest music and social profiles you can find here