SJRS0148 Alexandr Mar, Daniel De Roma Tales We Tell EP

Release Name : Tales We Tell EP Release Artist : Alexandr Mar, Daniel De Roma Release Genre : Deep Tech House Release Catalog : SJRS0148 Release Date : 28.05.2018 - Beatport,11.06.2018 - Global

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"Tales We Tell' draws the start of a new artist collaboration between Alexandr Mar and Daniel De Roma.Tales of love,dreams and faith performed from the best groover and the best musical mind,an unity of those two that surely will deliver quality,innovative and forward future thinking underground music.Both artists spend over 80 hours of inspirational work in the studio,crossing bridges between countries,connected through internet calls,thats how we did our studio sessions - they said.The artists clarify that making of this release charged them so much with positive vibe and energy and they will never want to forget this days and the special moments of making this 3 top notch tracks.This is just our beginning together more quality music will follow soon from us stated the new formed duo.Play it loud and enjoy it!True class!