Raphael Pad



Genres : Deep House,Tech House,Techno



Raphael Pad comes from Manaus, Amazon Jungle region, Brazil.Raphael Pad is highly influenced by traditional music, affecting his sound by the dominant use of clean tones. His style is a mix of balanced sound levels, generally ranging on the darker tones and precise rhythm. Its a mix between the purity of Lounge and Dub Techno's high quality underground beats.Now living in Helsinki, Finland.Since 2007 acting as a Dj, heating up the dance floor with Deep House and Dub Techno. Hearing Bossa Nova from the cradle he has developed a taste for syncopated rythms, what still has quite a wide influence on the music he makes. His sets are carefully taylored, you can expect something groovy and atmospheric, it's simply not the same beat you always heard. Mainly dark shade Dub Techno and Deep House, with dashes of Lounge, Trip Hop, Jazz, and of course some very brazilian Bossa thrown in unexpectedly.Right now Raphael Pad has an all-new exclusive Live Set of pure machinery grooves with such an amazing energy, you gotta groove to it?




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