WMC Sampler 2017 [SJRS0120] – Promo By Daniel De Roma – Beatport Exclusive – 13.03.2017

Featured in this mix is Secret Jams Records WMC Sampler 2017 Official tracks selection.All of them are available for pre-order now on beatport with exclusive release date 13.03.2017 and global release date 27.03.2017.

Tracklist :
1.Daniel De Roma – Activate Your Soul (Original Mix) [SJRS0120]
2.Brsensation – Common (Original Mix) [SJRS0120]
3.Santiago Feijoo – Speed (Original Mix) [SJRS0120]
4.Ramirez (ECU) – Another Dimension (Original Mix) [SJRS0120]
5.Undergroove (ARG) – The House In The Sky (Original Mix) [SJRS0120]
6.Hnos. Salgado – Arrebol (Original Mix) [SJRS0120]
7.Nazareno Maurino – Chemical (Original Mix) [SJRS0120]
8.Liam Conasir – Aperture ’93 (Original Mix) [SJRS0120]
9.Kris Akner – Sunbreak (Original Mix) [SJRS0120]
10.Koka Juice – Deva Label (Original Mix) [SJRS0120]