SJRS0215 Groove Warriors Concept Sampler

Release Name : Groove Warriors : Concept Sampler
Release Artist : Various Artists
Release Genre : Minimal/Deep Tech
Release Catalog : SJRS0215
Release Date : 05.11.2021

With this sampler we present our brand new event concept "Groove Warriors" @gwconcept created by Daniel De Roma.The concept will build up on the great reputation of the record label and will bring one unique assembly of music and visuals and will present to our fans one original experience, that helps us connect and celebrate life in a different locations and scenarios where music has its real value and matters most.
We are a group of experienced professionals and we work as a team that brings apart from knowledge and experience one friendly vibrancy and we have our rules to work better, also to live better and we strive to do and be better.
Our goal is to create one original and incomparable atmosphere in which our fans can experience the event with the utmost joy together, the music and the virtual shows as one. That is why we will always develop seriously on new ideas and will implement them onto our events.

This compilation is a great example of the music we will magistrate on our showcases.

Groove Warriors Concept will officially launch this December 2021 in Mexico.

We want to express our strong thanks to all the artists featured in this compilation. Be sure that you will meet them soon on our shows.