SJRS0157 Alexandr Mar, Daniel De Roma Tales We Tell Remixes Part II

Release Name : Tales We Tell Remixes Part 2
Release Artist : Various
Release Genre : Deep Tech Melodic House,Techno
Release Catalog : SJRS0157
Release Date : 12.11.2018 - Beatport Exclusive, 26.11.2018 - Global

A-Bee & Tom Vagabondo : @abeetomvagabondo

Evren Ulusoy : @evrenulusoy

R.Y.U - @in-deep-produkcions

DJ K.I.K.O. : @dj-kiko-bg

Tales We Tell EP by Alexandr Mar and Daniel De Roma released earlier this year in May is one of our strongest releases to present date.We did not think much in the beginig of the summer to decide that we will release a remixes dedicated to this excellent EP.We offered to a group of quality artists to take part with remixes and it pan out that all of them were interested.During the last two and half months we were in touch with all artists and day by day we experienced a great joy and a super friendly athmosphere , this excellent working spirit led to a great results,results that we are presenting to you now.Remixes are two parts.They feature artists from England,Czech Republic,Spain,Portugal,Bulgaria and Turkey.
The absolute thrill is the embrakation for this remixes of one of the most full time devoted,absolutely experienced, a conquerer and a trend developer on the electronic music scene,one artist that we highly respect and admire Evren Ulusoy.Evren demonstratse his class in full light with what you are about to hear from him,absolute groundbreaking pack of two remixes featured in each of the two parts.We feature A-Bee & Tom Vagabondo Ibiza's Cafe Mambo Radio residents,the duo that we love working with since day one. Their experience and their dedication combined with great spirit are mesmerizing thousands of followers around Europe for a decade and more to date.We feature Ato Rodriguez a great combination of a long time dj and electronic musc producer that has the rare specialty to deliver such a tremendous works for some time now.One also to trurlly admire DJ K.I.K.O. long time top dj in Bulgaria such a broad-minded music selector so deeply dedicated to music since two decades.The newcomer with us in this occasion R.Y.U from Portugal an experienced electronic music producer the head of IN Deep Produktions agency and record label based in Mallorca Spain.Someone very special that we started to work with this year is Ste Cunliffe who particualarly had an early idea witch track to remix and how he want it to sound and he delivers pure beauty of a remix following his first release with us only few weeks ago.Having a Deja-Vu is Daniel De Roma he had allready decided to step in with a new edit even before all artists that present now entered for this remixes and he delivers a heavy groover with his Sumnambulismo Edit.Two releases that combine quality,experience,class and full devotion.Top music thriller of release.
"I want to thank you all for the great works you deliver,for me developing this record label since day one have been a extreme pleasure a spot to learn to developt to support and admire.I am greatly satisfied with all this music,your music,the music that made Secret Jams Records sound the way it sound present days.Big thanks and cheers" - Daniel De Roma
Distributed By Label-Worx