SJRS0131 Daniel De Roma Amamra EP

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Release Name : Amamra EP
Release Artists : Daniel De Roma , Daniel Ray , Francesco Carrisi
Release Genre : Deep Tech House
Release Catalog : SJRS0131
Release Date – 11.09.2017

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Daniel De Roma’s Amamra Ep takes us on a journey back far in the past centuries in Ancient Amazonia where shamans and tribes were the rules and Gods.Amamra takes us deep and dark into the roots and it carry the groovy underground essence of Daniel De Roma music productions.Uchu Sanango known as a sacred tree plant used to heal many souls back then ,the title track makes us dig even more deep into rituals of tribe shaman gods in this world and keeps it low drift groovy and unique.Amamra feature two remixes.First by Daniel Ray the South African mastermind who keeps it this title dark essence and is great work .The second remix comes from Francesco Carrisi and it demonstrates why Daniel De Roma choose him to take part in this release.Enjoy it.Ground breaker.