SJRS0106 Alexandr Mar, Trette Keep Letting Go EP

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Release Name : “Keep Letting Go” EP
Release Artists : Alexandr Mar, Trette
Release Genre : Deep House
Release Catalog Number : SJRS0106
Release Date : 22.08.2016
With “Keep Letting Go” EP Alexandr Mar and Trette makes you feel the energy of the summer.The music that’s is featured will let you loose and relax.Welcoming the sunrise or viewing the sunset this three tracks are sending you out on a trip through deep percussion’s ,tribal elements ,catchy melodic basses and synths,mystic vocals and many more sounds,all reserved mark of Alexandr Mar and Trette.Demonstrating yet one more time their specific deep house music production style.With “Nights On Isla” you take a dive into deep blue ocean,then comes the moment when you meet a “Deep Blue Eyed” person who leads you further in the day to “Keep Letting Go” into the summer night on the isle without destined route beneath the clear starry sky.
Such a tremble and quality,highly recommended release.