SJRS0099 Liam Smith, Javi Row Accent EP

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Release Name : Accent EP
Release Artist: Liam Smith,Javi Row,Hirosher
Release Genre : Tech House
Release Catalog Number : SJRS0099
Release Date : 20.06.2016

Liam Smith and Javi Row who most of you know are dangerous mix of true real underground animals who we are more than pleased to welcome with this amazing release.Both of them separately and now working together are fantastic dj’s,artists and music producers truly dedicated to their studio and events for life.No wonder why right now Liam and Javi are very well supported by some very well known artists on the modern underground scene.Both part of our record label and agency,be sure you dont miss them performing this summer when you visit the iconic island of Ibiza.
We are also very happy after his successful first time release on our WMC Sampler 2016 to welcome Hirosher with a remix he ain’t no doubt got what it takes to breakthrough with his artist career.
Be sure you spot on this three artists cause they got crafted something very special and massive with Accent EP.