SJRS0094 George Campean “Take Out A Rib And Make Me Another One” EP

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Release Name :Take Out A Rib And Make Me Another One EP
Release Artist : George Campean
Release Genre : Minimal
Release Catalog Number : SJRS0094
Release Date : 25.04.2016 – Beatport, 09.05 2016 – Global

George Campean known previously by the artist alias of w.k.Digitize takes us on a mystic journey with his brand new release “Take Out A Rib And Make Me Another One” EP he debuted month before on our WMC Sampler 2016.And now this is his full new author release marked to open up new journey for George Campean’s new name who is exploring his full wide range experience in the studio and the peak and inspiration will for sure lead to more and interesting music from him starting now.