SJRS0086 Danny L. Strictly Underground

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Release Name : Strictly Underground
Release Artist : Danny L. , w.k. Digitize.
Release Genre : Tech ,Minimal House
Release Catalog Number : SJRS0086
Release Date : 29.01.2016

‘You know we’re all the same Yo,like back in the days ,we have always been underground’
This is the phrase i remember i recorded with my own voice some months back and my idea was to insert this piece of true lyrics inside the track project i was having back then ,says Danny L.
“Strictly Underground” carry the true spirit of the underground music in it,quite groovy and quite under the surface from dark is the image it firstly creates in your mind as you listen and play or dance on it.The master Danny L. in the company of other master of the minimal from Romania w.k. Digitize. ‘who i remember send the voice stem cause of his wide open and crazy minded music productions’ Danny L. says,and it pan out to become the final product of much artist ism and true love for the underground music.We all know you’ll love it,crazy.pure and fresh as it is.

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