SJRS0060 DJ K.I.K.O Feat.Galia “The Rolling”

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Release Name : The Rolling
Release Artists : DJ K.I.K.O. /Galia/A-Bee/Tom Vagabondo/Darko Milosevic/Danny L.
Release Genre : Indie Dance/Nu Disco/Deep House
Beatport Exclusive Release Date : 17.12.2014
Global Release Date : 31.12.2014

“Proud Mary” in his new born modern variation this is how this release can be described with 3-4 words witch features DJ K.I.K.O. and his collaboration for a second executive time with the vocals of Galina Makaveeva (Galia) contest winner in voice of Bulgaria.
Crossing borders globally this release features original mix of more than decade very well experienced DJ K.I.K.O.from Bulgaria and remixes from some very recognized names such as A-Bee & Toma Vagabondo/The Tea Bay Recs/Brighton/UK and Ministry of Sound London Residents duo.Including remix from one artist on the spotlight rising talent from Montenegro Darko Milosevic with releases already on capital Heaven Digital,Erase Records,Heavenly Bodies to name a few.Featuring remix also from Secret Jams Records/Booking Founder Danny L. one groove gladiator leaded by the dark force of deep techno and house who is circling the arenas globally ,with gigs in Greece,Italy,Mexico and many more countries.
“The Rolling” definitely will take you on a trip even longer than the one witch the release made to become reality today,with his different artist views and remix variations it is crafted to fully fulfill big percent of audience and it is required must have one for you to boost up with not only quality forward thinking house music your catalog but also with a surprise to the crowd witch comes from the original song of “Proud Mary”.We knew you will enjoy it much on maximum as the maximum percentage of innovative energy and inspiration we made it contain while we was crafting it for you.
Published By Secret Jams Records 2014.