Human By Nature

Human By Nature ( Fonica // Nomada MX)

Over 15 years playing as dj with a strong knowledge about different styles but with a solid base in house and techno, mature his new project called HBN, from the low cadency grooveness and the percussive swing get a space trip between the deep and tech house, perspective that use also in his dj sets filling with all kind of rare stuff and sophisticated sounds to catch the crowd.

One of the main heads of Fonica, the main brand of electronic music events in his tow city Zacatecas promoting locals, national and international djs. Fonica always looking for unusual places and ensuring the quality of events working alongside Vodka Skky, Honda, XX Lager, Heineken and local brands.One of the owners of the memorable club Nomada and the brand SundayFunday.