DJ K.I.K.O. & Daniel De Roma @ Street Parade “Veliko Tarnovo” 22.03.2016

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Street Parade like a form and expression of a celebration  momentum for the modern electronic music has become very popular fest to be hosted nova days in various countries.
Talking about  Bulgaria the homeland of  Daniel De Roma Founder and A/R at Secret Jams Records/Booking who is the man in front and behind scenes and his friend and partner DJ K.I.K.O. for them the electronic music has been quite a religion last  decade and a half.Even  in a country small like that where electronic music scene is how to say quite a tabu and in their home city Veliko Tarnovo ,witch was the old capital of Bulgaria back in 13th century the tradition of this fest the Street Parade  continues already 11th consecutive year.Starting in 2005 year with the first parade  who is been made every 22nd march on the  Veliko Tarnovo city holiday it gain big popularity all over the country.On Street Parade in Veliko Tarnovo have been already playing some known worldwide names such as Sandy Rivera,Wally Lopez,D-Formation,Martijn Ten Velden,Sergio Fernandez and more.
This has to show that even in a country where the true underground music scene is small ,there is and will be true culture and true electronic music fans.
Here now  we will focus on this years 2016  Street Parade edition ,who as by tradition was held on 22 nd march on the  main streets of the city  and more than 5000 fans gather again at the back of the truck for 4 hours  music set under the spring rain.

We at Secret Jams Records/Booking are more than glad to have  our artist DJ K.I.K.O. on the line up for the fest this year who is not his first appearance.DJ K.I.K.O. has made ooutstanding carrer and  is the main man behind curating electronic music events since more than 10 years in Veliko Tarnovo.Now in the team with Daniel Iliev a.k.a. Daniel De Roma – the main man behind Secret Jams Recors/Booking climbing together the high mountain in curration of electronic music and events not only on homeland territory but even on worldwide level with International Dj Agency Secret Jams Booking seems possible.

We selected some video highlights from the Main Street Parade 2016 Veliko Tarnovo focusing on Dj K.I.K.O. performance together with Daniel De Roma where some unreleased and upcoming fresh music from them  and Secret Jams Records was played and the crowd reaction was amazing .
Also  for the official after party who has been hosted in Club Jack we was there to continue celebration with DJ K.I.K.O. behind the decks you can view also video highlights in the second video below.

We strongly hope as one of main forces to curate this events to coop forces with other international artists for the coming years of organizing even more massive Street parade in Veliko Tarnovo.

Enjoy the  music and video!

Stay tuned !

Cheers from Daniel De Roma and DJ K.I.K.O.

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DJ K.I.K.O. – Live @ Street Parade “Veliko Tarnovo” 2016 Edition – 22.03.2016

DJ K.I.K.O. – Live @ Afterparty – Street Parade “Veliko Tarnovo” – Club “Jack” – 22.03.2016

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